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A Natural Acne Remedy – Nutmeg  Milk

In this article Ill show two ways in which nutmeg & milk can be used as a natural acne remedy. It might seem somewhat unconventional but its much cheaper than many store-bought products!

What is Nutmeg & How Can it be a Natural Acne Remedy?

Nutmeg is the dried kernel of the seeds of an evergreen tree. It has a strong aroma with a slightly bitter taste. The nutmeg tree is usually 9 to 12 metres high but cialis generique sometimes attains a height of upto 20 metres or more.

Nurmeg tree grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, SriLanka and the West Indies. Nutmeg contains an essential oil and saponin. The dry, ripe seeds of the fruit contains a volatile oil and a fixed oil. The dry leaves of the tree yield an essential oil consisting of myristicin.

Nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory. Taken internally, it calms various digestional problems. And externally, it helps to bring down any swelling, redness and irritation. Especially if you have cystic acne or pimples that are larger than large, nutmeg really improves the tone of your skin and the swelling/redness which is what makes it effective as a natural acne remedy.

Methods for Using Nutmeg as a Natural Acne Remedy

The first way to use nutmeg is to combine it with milk to make a paste which can be applied as a face mask. Take nutmeg powder and mix it with milk until it forms a paste. Wash the face thoroughly, apply the mask to the face and then allow it to dry thoroughly.

After around 30 minutes wash away the mask with warm water and a soft washcloth. Take care not to scrub the skin. You can store any leftover paste in the refrigerator for a few days.

Another way of using nutmeg & milk as a natural acne remedy is to use a lentil & nutmeg scrub. Take some dried red lentils and grind them into a fine powder. Mix together 5 teaspoons of the lentil powder with one teaspoon of viagra en ligne nutmeg powder. Add one cup of milk to the powder.

Apply to the affected area and rub in gently. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly – dont leave this one to dry.