Mayor Gavin Newsom, Chair

Willie L. Brown, Jr.
Former Mayor of San Francisco (1996-2004)

Frank Jordan
Former Mayor of San Francisco (1992-1996)

Art Agnos
Former Mayor of San Francisco (1988-1992)

Senator Diane Feinstein
Former Mayor of San Francisco (1978-1988)

Heading: Host Organizations
Logo: World Wreath
The United Nations
The purposes of the United Nations, as set forth in the Charter, are to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems; to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends. “Working to make the world a better place.”
Logo: UNEP
The United Nations Environment Programme
UNEP provides leadership and encourages partnerships in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.
Logo: SF Environment
The City and County of San Francisco
San Francisco is the host city for WED 2005. This event marks the first time that the UN has held World Environment Day anywhere in North America.
Logo: Seal of the City and County of San Francisco
The San Francisco Department of the Environment
SF Environment’s mission is to improve, enhance, and preserve the environment and to promote San Francisco’s long-term environmental wellbeing.
Heading: Hosts / Honorary Host Committee
United Nations:
Kofi Annan, Secretary-General United Nations
Maurice Strong, Under-Secretary-General and Special Advisor to the United Nations

United Nations Environment Programme:
Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director
Eric Falt, Spokesperson / Director, Division of Communications and Public Information
Brennan Van Dyke, Regional Director, North America office

The City and County of San Francisco:
Charlotte Mailliard Shultz, Chief of Protocol, for State of California and City and County of San Francisco

State of California:
Terry Tamminen, Cabinet Secretary

Federal Environment Protection Agency:
Wayne Nastri, Regional Administrator, Region 9 EPA
Jerry Brown, Mayor, City of Oakland, California

George (Chao-Chi) Chu, Chairman, Da-Tung Intl’ Group, Inc.

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society

Richard N. Goldman, President, Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund

Jane Goodall

Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute

Dr. Richard Leakey, Paleontologist

Wangari Maathias, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Robert Redford, Actor/Environmentalist

Mike Sangiacomo, President Norcal Waste Systems

Martin Sheen, Actor

Tommy E. Short, Chairman, Earth Council Alliance

Gillian Sorensen, Senior Advisor, U.N. Foundation

Dr. Liston Bochette, Secretary General, World Olympians Association

Judy Collins, Singer/Songwriter

Tony Diamantidis, Executive Director, Athens Environmental Foundation

Jan Hartke, President, Earth Council Foundation US
Austin & Erika Hills
Cheryl Jennings, ABC7 News/KGO-TV
J. Patrick Kociolek, Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences
Larry Kopald, Chairperson, Earth Communication Office (ECO)
Dick Kuchen, Former Head Basketball Coach, California Golden Bears
Heidi Kuhn, Founder & CEO Roots of Peace, (WED 2005 Ambassador of Peace)

Alan Mok, President, World Channel, Inc.
Brian O’Neil, Superintendent, U.S. Department of Interior -Golden Gate National Parks
Jacob Scherr, Director, International Programs, NRDC
Cees van der Zon, Royal Netherlands Embassy
Jody Williams, 1997 Nobel Peace Prize laureate