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Hygiene tips for the elderly

As a person ages, many aspects of their lifestyle can deteriorate. Sight, joint movement and energy levels can all reduce over time.

However, with these problems other, unforeseen, issues could bring extra concern to the situation.

The ability to move around, socialise and an individuals’ confidence are all well documented areas that can be affected. Decreased personal care and hygiene are another aspect that is often ignored but actually a considerable issue among the elderly.

With this in mind here is a look at how slight adjustments could provide an easier way for better hygiene, thus improving a sensitive issue.

Increase space

The first move should be to improve the space in which personal care is under taken the most and upgrade the bathroom. Premier Care in Bathing disabled bathroom solutions are created for the person in mind. By getting a new bathroom fitted, the individual requirements of what is needed are considered from the space of the room to the size of the person involved.

By improving the bathroom space and making it more accessible an elderly person’s hygiene can be improved instantly. Plus it has the added benefit of keeping a person independent.

This can be the main cause for concern when discussing improving hygiene. By being able to continue independency through a new bathroom will be a wise investment.

The cost of this could be considered out of financial reach however there are grants from the Direct Gov website that could apply to you and help in the costs of making the home more accessible.

Stay positive

Other issues beyond their facilities could mainly centre on a general depression and lethargy that can happen too many when ageing. From not putting their favourite lipstick on to shaving becoming less frequent, it can be more of a psychological barrier that is afflicting them.

In this case things could only become worse and it is important to stay positive through the ageing process. Socialising as much as possible will always keep on top of hygiene as it will encourage regular bathing.

When someone has more of a purpose to look good they are more likely to make the effort; especially as an elder person where the time to get ready could take longer.

Get help

Asking for help from loved ones or carers may seem daunting around this sensitive issue but the concern is only with the person asking. Helping the elderly to maintain a level of hygiene is something a close family member should have no problems with.

It is important that your requirements and sensitivities are known. Don’t be afraid to carers and helpers instructions in how you want to look and do as much as you can.

Common illnesses in the elderly such as Parkinson’s, dementia, arthritis and depression are all life altering and affect the person in lots of different ways. By keeping on top of their personal hygiene it has the potential to alleviate spirits and allow for more interaction; which is important when an elderly person is trying to live or recover from an ailment.