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Seeking Impotence Treatment – The Facts You Need to Know

Today effective treatment is available for all kinds and levels of impotence. However the treatment is based on the right diagnosis of the causative factors for the affected individual. Also known as erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence might be a result of a lot of stress, lack of sleep or anxiety. Additionally erectile dysfunction if continuing over a long period of time can also be a warning sign of a grave physical illness like atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis or diabetes.

What Medicinal Impotence Treatments Can I Try?

Viagra: It is one of the most effective medicinal treatments for an erectile dysfunction but for the medication to give a result, it has to be consumed only at the time of sexual viagra apoteket utan recept stimulation.

Levitra: The effect of this medication can last up to 12 hours when consumed fifteen minutes or one hour before intercourse.

Cialis: Taken thirty minutes prior to sexual activity, the medication works well only when the body is sexually excited.

Transurethral therapy: A small shot of the drug is put directly into the urethra which is then absorbed by the erectile tissue of penis to give the result within ten minutes.

Uprima: In this treatment, the pill is kept under the tongue to be dissolved in fifteen minutes with the effect lasting upto two hours but will work only if the body is sexually stimulated.

What other Treatment Methods Are Available?

The problem of impotency can be treated regardless of any age depending on the state of health and the underlying cause of the problem. The non-medicinal treatments available are:

Psychosexual Therapy: It is believed that nearly 60% of the underlying causes of an erectile dysfunction is psychological ranging from performance anxiety, relationship stress or other complex issues. Consulting an experienced therapist or a counselor can provide the needed help in just three to four sessions.

Vacuum Pump: This pump in the shape of a cylinder is placed over the penis and the air is suck out from the tube which draws blood into a particular tissue of the penis to cause erection.

Injections: This method involves inserting a drug directly into the penis shaft before having sex. With a proper know how of its use it works well for many men.

Rubber Ring: It is placed at the base of the penis and is useful for those men who do get normal erections but face difficulty maintaining it.

Penile Prosthesis Treatment: This treatment involves putting an implant through surgery and is only tried if all the above means of getting an erection have failed.

How do the Success Rates Compare?

Success Rate of Medications: Oral Medication is the first line of treatment when it comes to treating a condition of erectile dysfunction. They are easy to administer cialis sverige, have a high success rate and result in an erection when the person is sexually excited. The success rate of this treatment varies from 60% to 75% and with persons suffering from diseases like diabetes it is around 40% 60%.

Success Rate of Non-

Medication Treatments: The initial overall response rate of men seeking to correct erection issues with a vacuum pump or a rubber ring is round about 80- 90% but it soon wanes away with time with patients reporting dissatisfaction. Moreover the non-medicinal treatments are cumbersome for many especially the surgical ones involves the risk of being susceptible to minor infections.

Can I buy Impotence Treatment Online?

Owing to the growing demand for impotence treatment, there are many online sites that give the patient the freedom to choose the correct treatment only after a prior online consultation. After the patient has completed the first step of the online consultation thereafter a diagnosis of the problem is made and the patient is prescribed with the appropriate treatment for an impotence to place an order for the treatment at the same place. However patients suffering from other diseases like diabetes need to consult a doctor prior to their impotence treatment.